Lead Roofing

At Angelroofing  Ltd we have experienced gangs of lead workers who are fully qualified so that we are up to date with all the latest relevant training as well as all the traditional skills and methods for lead working, thus ensuring our workforce are as qualified and competent as possible when it come to lead roofing services.

Sand Cast LeadLead Roofers in Surrey - Angelroofing Ltd

This lead is traditionally cast by hand all as the Romans did many years ago. This is used on many ancient buildings including church work, mansion houses and many English Heritage jobs. Many ornamental features and rainwater systems were carried out in sand cast lead many years ago. We pride ourselves in carrying on this tradition. This material has also been used for the lining of coffins.


Milled LeadLead Roofers in Surrey - Angelroofing Ltd

This has increasingly been used over the years, especially on building sites where much thin lead flashing is carried out (codes 3 4 and 5). It is also increasingly now used on public buildings and house extensions/bays. This material comes up to a maximum of code 8.



Lead Flashing’sLead Roofers in Surrey - Angelroofing Ltd

In most cases a cavity tray works in conjunction with a lead flashing at a roof/wall abutment. The cavity tray protects the inside of the outer leaf and the cavity and the lead flashing protects the face of the outer leaf and the junction between the roof covering and the wall.

Machine Cast LeadLead Roofers in Surrey - Angelroofing Ltd

This lead has had a constant increase in use over the last 20 years or so. It is also used much as milled lead in that it can be cast quite thinly. This is the cheapest way of laying lead in our opinion.


Geotextile, building paper and sometimes a chalk slurry if a worry with regard to tannic acid attack is suspected.

Remember when fixed correctly lead will have a lifespan in excess of 100 years.

Should you find you have a leak or some form of deterioration in the lead on your roof, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. For any other lead roofing information, free no obligation quotes, or to arrange a site visit, call now on 07850414933; our team are on hand to take your call and provide you with the assistance you require.

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